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From crayons to cameras, I have always been making images. When I was a child I was never without a pencil or paintbrush, so it was a natural progression to study image-making and design at university - and this is where I discovered my love for photography. Telling a story through still images is my passion.

I am also passionate about people: their lives, the special moments, and what makes those moments meaningful. Wedding photography is the perfect marriage (pun intended!) of my two favourite things, and I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, photographers and companies over the years - from ten years spent in London shooting weddings and events to the many fantastic jobs I've been fortunate enough to undertake in the UK and overseas. Whether I'm shooting a wedding, a corporate event or a 90th birthday party, people are people, and I love to be a part of their day.

When it comes to my clients, I am dedicated to building relationships. My understanding of my clients' personalities, needs and desires, along with clear communication and collaboration, is what allows me to take the best photos. I prefer not to count the hours - I want to capture the whole story from start to finish, so I focus and work my socks off from the beginning of the day until the end of the party.

For you, it's a beautiful day - one of the most magical days of your life; for me, it's a wonderful responsibility and genuine privilege to capture such a special occasion.



Below are some examples of my favorite shots from over the years, to see a full album to get an idea of how I approach a wedding head on over to my client albums

Or if you have any questions about prices, packages just contact me and I shall get back to you A.S.A.P


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